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Momix is a contemporary dance company known for its innovative productions that blend dance, illusion, and multimedia. Founded in 1980 by choreographer Moses Pendleton, Momix has since then produced several critically acclaimed performances, including movies and TV shows. In this article, we will delve into Momix’s movie and TV show productions, their impact, and their future.

Momix’s Movies and TV Shows

Momix has produced several movies and TV shows that showcase their unique approach to contemporary dance. Their movies and TV shows often combine live-action performances with special effects and animations, creating a visually stunning and mesmerizing experience.

Overview of Momix’s Movie Productions

Momix’s movie productions often feature the company’s signature style of illusion and surrealism. Their movies often explore themes of nature, spirituality, and human relationships. One of their most notable movie productions is “Momix Movies and TV Shows ,” which was filmed in a zero-gravity environment, creating a mesmerizing and surreal performance.

Overview of Momix’s TV Show Productions

Momix has also produced several TV shows that feature their unique approach to contemporary dance. Their TV shows often blend dance with multimedia, such as animation, projection, and special effects. One of their most notable TV show productions is “Botanica,” which explores the beauty and complexity of nature through dance.

Notable Momix Movie and TV Show Productions

Momix has produced several notable movie and TV show productions that have garnered critical acclaim and global recognition. Some of their most notable productions include “Lunar Sea,” “Opus Cactus,” “Alchemia,” “Alice,” and “Passion.” These productions have been featured in film festivals and television broadcasts worldwide, showcasing Momix’s unique approach to contemporary dance.

Behind the Scenes of Momix Productions

Behind every Momix production is a team of talented choreographers, set designers, music composers, costume designers, and makeup artists. The production process of a Momix performance is a collaboration between these artists, resulting in a visually stunning and cohesive production.

Choreography and Set Design

Momix’s choreography often incorporates elements of illusion and surrealism, creating a dreamlike and ethereal atmosphere. Their set designs often feature intricate props and structures that enhance the performance’s visual impact, such as a giant spider web in “Botanica” or a giant flower in “Flower Bed.”

Music Selection and Composition

Music plays an essential role in Momix’s productions, and the company often works with world-class musicians and composers to create original soundtracks that complement their performances.


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