The Picayune Movie Theater: A Historic Venue for Moviegoers

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The Picayune Movie Theater, located in the heart of Picayune, Mississippi, has been a cultural landmark for over a century. This historic theater has entertained and captivated audiences since its opening in 1910. With its unique architecture and state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, the Picayune Movie Theater is a must-visit destination for any movie lover.


The Picayune Movie Theater is one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in Mississippi. Originally built as a vaudeville theater, it was later converted into a movie theater in the 1920s. In the 1940s, the theater underwent a significant renovation that updated the facilities and modernized the projection equipment to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

Over the years, the Picayune Movie Theater has undergone several renovations to keep up with the times while still maintaining its historic charm. Today, the theater boasts a modern sound system and digital projectors that provide a top-of-the-line movie experience for visitors.


One of the most striking features of the Picayune Movie Theater is its architecture. The theater’s exterior is adorned with a stunning art deco façade that has been beautifully preserved over the years. The interior is just as impressive, with ornate plasterwork and decorative lighting fixtures that create a luxurious and intimate atmosphere.

The theater has a seating capacity of 500 and features a balcony section that offers a birds-eye view of the screen. The balcony is a popular choice for couples looking for a romantic date night or for groups of friends looking to enjoy a movie together.


In addition to showing the latest blockbusters, the Picayune Movie Theater also hosts a variety of events throughout the year. From special screenings of classic films to live performances by local musicians, there’s always something exciting happening at the theater.

One of the most popular events at the Picayune Movie Theater is the annual Halloween Horror Marathon, which showcases some of the scariest and most iconic horror films of all time. The theater also hosts charity events and private screenings for groups and organizations.


In 2000, a group of local citizens formed the Picayune Main Street Association and set their sights on restoring the theater to its former glory. With the help of volunteers, grants, and donations, they were able to raise the necessary funds to purchase and restore the building.

The restoration process took over a year and involved extensive repairs to the roof, foundation, and electrical systems. The theater’s original murals and decorative plasterwork were also restored, and new seats were installed.


After the restoration was complete, the Picayune Movie Theater reopened its doors in 2002 to much fanfare. Since then, it has become a hub of cultural activity in the Picayune community, hosting movie screenings, live performances, and community events.

Today, the theater is operated by the Picayune Main Street Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the historic downtown area. It continues to be a beloved destination for both locals and visitors, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural history of Picayune.


The Picayune Movie Theater is a true historical treasure that has been lovingly restored and maintained by the Picayune Main Street Association. Its classic design, original murals, and cultural significance make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history of movie theaters and the local community.

Whether you’re looking to catch a classic film or enjoy a live performance, the Picayune Movie Theater is the perfect place to do it. So if you find yourself in the Picayune area, be sure to stop by and experience this wonderful piece of history for yourself.


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